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Little Paintbrush- AMAZING OPPORTUNITY!!

Feb 24, 2017

Hey Little Paintbrush families with boys! This is an incredible opportunity for your sons to attend an amazing summer camp. I have a personal experience with this camp.... my son now 17 will be a Junior counselor at Lookout Mountain Camp for Boys this summer. He has attended since he was 10. The letter attached is from the owner. Read the whole letter....you won't be disappointed!
Hello to the LMC Families from Lafayette and the surrounding area.

In the past few weeks we have attempted to host a show for LMC in your area. In the course of this effort I was gently reminded that several (tons) of families have had their lives turned upside down and were devastated by the floods (not to mention the drop in the energy sector).

Being from New Orleans and living through Katrina, I am keenly sensitive to the despair...and just how gut-wrenching and chaotic it can be. But for the help from God and support from friends, it seems an insurmountable task to just keep going. However, the realization that we have no choice and that we simply must keep going creeps in and then we all do what we always do...get to work.

Those of you who know me well enough know that I feel that Lookout Mountain Camp provides what I consider to be a lifelong and invaluable experience for these boys. There is a certain point in a boy's life where he either captures that experience...or it is lost forever and never does.

I know things are tough right now and it just seems...beyond control.

So...I am asking all of you on this email string to help pass the word to folks in your area that we will offer a 50% discount to any family affected by the flood (as you know, your house doesn't have to flood to be impacted by it).

The flood is bad enough...but if this can help in any way to allow a boy to come to camp them we need to do it.

Please feel free to forward this email to anyone you think would benefit.

Thanks guys...we'll see you this summer!
Regards, Woody
Lookout Mountain Camp for Boys
e-mail lookoutmountaincamp@gmail.com


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